CanvasCV: Class List
CanvasCV  1.0.0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NcanvascvThis namespace holds all the classes of the CanvasCV library
 CArrowThe Arrow class
 CAutoLayoutThe AutoLayout class
 CButtonThe Button class
 CCanvasEntry point into CanvasCV
 CCheckBoxesThe CheckBoxes class
 CColorsThe Colors class
 CCompoundShapeThe CompoundShape class
 CCompoundWidgetThe CompoundWidget class
 CConstsThe Consts class
 CEllipseThe Ellipse class
 CHandleThe Handle class
 CHFrameThe HFrame class
 CHorizontalLayoutThe HorizontalLayout class
 CLabeledShapesConnectorThe LabeledShapesConnector class
 CLayoutThe Layout class
 CLayoutBaseThe LayoutBase class
 CLineThe Line class
 CLineCrossingThe LineCrossing class
 CMatWidgetThe MatWidget class
 CMsgBoxThe MsgBox class
 CPolygonThe Polygon class
 CRadioButtonsThe RadioButtons class
 CRectangleThe Rectangle class
 CSelectionBoxThe SelectionBox class
 CShapeHierarchy is for geomertric user interaction
 CShapeFactoryThe ShapeFactory class
 CShapeFactoryTThe ShapeFactoryT class
 CShapesConnectorThe ShapesConnector class
 CTextThe Text class
 CTextBoxThe TextBox class
 CThemeThe Theme controls appearance of widgets and shapes
 CThemeDarkBlueImplements a dark theme of blue over dark gray colors
 CThemeDarkOrangeImplements a dark theme of orange over dark gray colors
 CThemeRepositoryThe ThemeRepository is used to add and get themes for Widget and Shape objects
 CTwoColoredThemeThe ThemeDark class implements a 2 colored theme base class
 CVerticalLayoutThe VerticalLayout class
 CVFrameThe VFrame class
 CWidgetThe Widget class
 CWidgetFactoryThe WidgetFactory class
 CWidgetFactoryTThe WidgetFactoryT class