CanvasCV: canvascv::Layout Class Reference
CanvasCV  1.0.0
canvascv::Layout Class Referenceabstract

The Layout class. More...

#include <layout.h>

Inheritance diagram for canvascv::Layout:
canvascv::LayoutBase canvascv::Canvas canvascv::CompoundWidget canvascv::AutoLayout canvascv::CheckBoxes canvascv::MsgBox canvascv::RadioButtons canvascv::SelectionBox canvascv::HorizontalLayout canvascv::VerticalLayout canvascv::HFrame canvascv::VFrame

Protected Member Functions

virtual void addWidget (const std::shared_ptr< Widget > &widget)=0
 adds the widget to this Layout after removing it from it's previous layout
virtual std::shared_ptr< WidgetrmvWidget (const std::shared_ptr< Widget > &widget)=0
 rmvWidget More...

Detailed Description

This is the layout interface class. All widgets must go into a Layout. All Layouts are also widgets except for the Canvas class.


Member Function Documentation

virtual std::shared_ptr<Widget> canvascv::Layout::rmvWidget ( const std::shared_ptr< Widget > &  widget)
protectedpure virtual
widgetwill be removed from this Layout
filled shared_ptr to removed widget or empty if not found
Widgets must be in layouts to be displayed correctly.

Implemented in canvascv::Canvas, canvascv::CompoundWidget, and canvascv::AutoLayout.

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